“Mum’s Duties”

Mum’s often find themselves wondering what their role and duties are during the wedding plans and then on the day itself.

It is obviously such an exciting time planning a wedding with your daughter or your son but remember it is their wedding and may have set ideas a to who is doing what and when.

These days tradition has been turned on it’s head as so many couples take charge and plan and pay for everything themselves.  So, firstly sit down with the couple to establish what they would like you to do.

To start with it’s the dress shopping mum’s must attend and why not invite the mother in law to be as well!

On the big day you are calm within the hectic chaos of dresses and make up.  Make sure you have got yourself ready so you are there on hand.  Help the bride into her dress and make sure the bridal party has everything they need.  You will travel with the bridesmaids in the second car to the church or venue.  Then you are escorted down the aisle by one of the ushers as will the groom’s mum will be also.  After the ceremony you will be escorted by the groom’s father and the groom’s mum is escorted by the bride’s dad.

Although it’s the bride and groom’s big day you are the hostess with the mostess and should be at the top of the greeting line welcoming guests and be a definite feature on the top table.  As the party gets into full swing make sure every ones having a great time, you don’t want anyone missing out!  However, you can’t do everything so delegate duties to other people.  Guests will enjoy themselves if you are, so make sure you are.  As quick as it’s started it’s over.  The bride and groom have retired and have left you to say the final goodbyes to the last guests, take charge and care of the gifts and cards.  Settle any outstanding monetary bills with the venue and make sure the wedding cake (if not eaten) is packed up safely.

Enjoy every moment and be proud to be a Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom