The curvy mother of the bride or groom

The Garden Party

With the Wedding Season now in full swing I thought I would give you a little advice on Garden Parties. So if you have been lucky enough to have been invited to a Royal Garden Party this  summer here are a few tips regarding Dress Codes and etiquette for both men and women.


  1. If you have any questions regarding your invitation make sure you telephone the correct Royal Household, do not telephone Buckingham Palace! Make sure you prepare your queries in advance.
  2. Dress Codes are very important and must be adhered to.  Dress Codes will be stated on the invitation,  all according to which function you have been invited to.
  3. The most popular invitation sent is for the Royal Garden Party.  Dress Code for this function is as follows:

i) Ladies wear a day dress or suit.  Usually with a hat or fascinator

ii) Men wear morning dress (black or grey morning cost and grey striped trousers) or a lounge suit

iii) National dress and uniform are also often worn


And finally, remember Ladies never call the Queen’s household to ask what the Queen will be wearing at your invited function.  I know you wouldn’t want to clash with the same colour or style         but they just would never tell you.

It’s Time

Is your Daughter or Son getting married this year?  Well, it’s time to start looking for your perfect outfit to avoid disappointment.

We have now received all of our beautiful new season collections from Ispirato, Cabotine, Zeila and Dress Code and what can I say, they are simply stunning.  From beautiful bright colours to soft and subtle shades to suit any complexion.

What is on trend this year are lots of blue and white and navy and ivory combinations.  The vintage look is popular also.  So far this season I have noticed alot of couples are opting for barn or marquee weddings.  With this I have found Mum’s want a more relaxed look but still having the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom distinguished look though.

Big hats are still very popular however there are a few quirky styles that seem to be on trend at the moment.  Lightweight veiling and tulle and feather quills are a must and fascinators that give you height are catching ladies attention.  Especially those who cannot wear heeled shoes.

Just remember that your outfit must be comfortable as you will be wearing it for a long time.  Also that the colour suits you and you like yourself in it.

This can be a very daunting experience but be rest assured we try to make it a joyous and relaxing experience and it’s not everyday you get to try on lots of beautiful outfits.

Our aim is make you feel and look like a million dollars!




Winter Weddings

We all love a festive party and the winter months are perfect.  The Christmas theme and spirit is what really captures the imagination.

I my self had a Christmas wedding and it was a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.  Imagine having all the Christmas trees and decorations for the back drop to your wedding and all the festive food for your wedding guests!

As for the Wedding outfits for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom little changes.  The colour pallet tends to change however the fabrics still remains the same as spring or summer outfits.  Silver and golds are very popular with pewters and bronzes for richness.  Berry colours are beautiful and very traditional, rich red or burgundy or luxurious greens are fabulous.  Black is not as popular as it used to be, but maybe only as an accent colour or in your accessories for example your shoes and bag.

My Mum chose devore silk velvet in a beautiful colour pallet of gold, copper, burgundy and bronzes for a coat which went over a simple velvet two piece.  Her hat was velvet which complemented the colouring of her outfit.

You obviously do not have to wear velvet.  The outfits are amazing and by just adding a little fur or velvet just takes it up a notch on the chic stakes especially for a Christmas Wedding.  Add sparkle to your outfit for example have extra in the decoration on your hat or in your fasinator.  Do not go too over the top, keep it chic and classy.


If it is a church wedding remember it can be chilly so think carefully about what outer layer will complement your outfit.  How about a fur stole or coat or a pashmina wrap.  A big no no is do not wear your everyday coat.

Some winter Weddings can be an evening affair.  Why not wear a gorgeous evening dress or cocktail dress.

Whatever you choose you will look fabulous.




“Mum’s Duties”

Mum’s often find themselves wondering what their role and duties are during the wedding plans and then on the day itself.

It is obviously such an exciting time planning a wedding with your daughter or your son but remember it is their wedding and may have set ideas a to who is doing what and when.

These days tradition has been turned on it’s head as so many couples take charge and plan and pay for everything themselves.  So, firstly sit down with the couple to establish what they would like you to do.

To start with it’s the dress shopping mum’s must attend and why not invite the mother in law to be as well!

On the big day you are calm within the hectic chaos of dresses and make up.  Make sure you have got yourself ready so you are there on hand.  Help the bride into her dress and make sure the bridal party has everything they need.  You will travel with the bridesmaids in the second car to the church or venue.  Then you are escorted down the aisle by one of the ushers as will the groom’s mum will be also.  After the ceremony you will be escorted by the groom’s father and the groom’s mum is escorted by the bride’s dad.

Although it’s the bride and groom’s big day you are the hostess with the mostess and should be at the top of the greeting line welcoming guests and be a definite feature on the top table.  As the party gets into full swing make sure every ones having a great time, you don’t want anyone missing out!  However, you can’t do everything so delegate duties to other people.  Guests will enjoy themselves if you are, so make sure you are.  As quick as it’s started it’s over.  The bride and groom have retired and have left you to say the final goodbyes to the last guests, take charge and care of the gifts and cards.  Settle any outstanding monetary bills with the venue and make sure the wedding cake (if not eaten) is packed up safely.

Enjoy every moment and be proud to be a Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom

Our Brands

Choosing the perfect outfit is so important.  The brands we stock offer something for everyone.  We have been selling Ispirato for a number of years and stock a wide range of styles to create a beautiful collection.  Ispirato was created in 2007 and their designs are perfect for the Mother of the Bride or Groom and also offer contemporary outfits for Wedding Guests and all other Occasions.  Like a day at the Races or a Garden Party.  Using beautiful fabrics and detailing like stretch taffeta, lace and beading.  Ispirato is fashion forward in design and a perfect choice for Mothers of the Brides and Grooms who would like to look stylish and modern.

Spanish brands Cabotine and Zeila are stunning.  Bright colours to soft pastels, these collections you have to see for yourself.  They are leading Spanish occasion wear brands in the UK and one of the largest manufacturers.  Zeila in particular is outstanding for it’s price range which does not affect it’s quality or fit.  Cabotine, the sister collection of Zeila, is equally stunning using premium fabrics and detailing.  This may reflect in the pricing, but you can’t put a price on exclusivity!

Dress Code by Veromia is a beautiful collection which features layers of soft detailing and beading.  Available in a demure colour palette.  Our Dress Code collection is elegant and chic.  It has classic styles of dresses and boleros, however they have a little twist to make them stunning.

As you may of noticed we only stock four brands.  That’s because we feel it is important to keep the Mother of the Bride and Groom outfits very exclusive and only have three sizes per style.  You wouldn’t want to bump into anyone wearing the same outfit as you now would you!

The Wedding Guest

Getting that wedding invitation from friends or family is fantastic but that does mean having to think about what to wear.  Since black and white are off the colour chart, bright, bold and cheerful colours are the way to go.  As most weddings are in the summertime it does make it easier as far as our outfits are concerned.

So, the question is what do we wear as a wedding guest?

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to plan and purchase your outfit.  Leaving it until the last minute could lead to you feeling uncomfortable and purchasing something you wouldn’t normally buy.  Plan your outfit and think about other occasions you may have been invited to for example a garden party, a day at the races or any other celebration.
  2. Think about what you feel like yourself in and what you feel confident in.  Do not change your own style just because it’s a wedding.
  3. There is so much to choose from whether it is big florals, stripes or tribal prints.  So don’t hold back it is a celebration after all.
  4. The advice is to keep the rest of your ensemble simple and not fussy.  For example if you choose a maxi dress accessorise it with a pair of strappy low heel sandals and keep your jewellery small.
  5. If your outfit is simple for example a plain block colour jazz it up with chunky jewellery or a show stopping pair of shoes.
  6. Think about the fabric of your outfit.  Choose light and breezy fabrics such as silk, chiffon and cotton.  These are the most popular choices as these make sure you do not overheat.
  7. For chilly evening add a splash of colour with a lightweight shawl, pashmina or cardi

Bespoke handmade Hats and Fascinators

There’s nothing more special than a bespoke handmade hat, hatinator or fascinator to finish off your look.  Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or be a little subtle there is always the perfect style to suite you.

Hats have been a tradition choice for many years for weddings and special occasions.  However the fascinator has become very popular in recent years and according to statistics have grown in popularity by 300%.  The hatinator has grown in popularity also. Its a compromise between a hat and fascinator.  If you haven’t got the confidence or feel a hat does not suit you then a hatinator is just the style for you.  There are many things you have to consider when thinking about a hat, hatinator or fascintor.



  1. Consider hair style.  If you have long hair you can wear it up.  They are perfect for shorter styles.

2. Fascinators with a headband are more secure with short hair than one on a comb

3. Hatinators are a perfect compromise and are ideal if you are pettit

4. Fasinators and hatinators can be worn all day as they are normally light in weight and you tend to forget you are wearing one

5. When it comes to the colour you choose consider your hair colour.  Do not choose a colour similar to your hair

6. Wear your fascinator or hatinator on the same side as your parting as this will balance your look



  1. Hats will always be the most popular accessorie for weddings and special occasions
  2. Try on many styles to find the right one for you.  If you are tall don’t wear a hat with a deep crown.  A large brim is perfect
  3. Small hats are perfect if you have pettit features. However a large brimmed hat with a short crown is good also
  4. Make a statement with a hat.  If you have the confidence to wear one make sure its a bold colour with lots of feathers and detail




First thoughts!

So, how did you feel when your son or daughter told you they had became engaged to be married and set their wedding date!  Did you have a feeling of sheer dread at the thought of going shopping for a Mother of the Bride or Groom outfit or joy at the prospect of trying on lots of beautiful outfits.  Which ever way you felt here at Christine’s Occasion Wear we are sure to make your experience fabulous.  Mums have a very important role within the wedding and there is a certain look that is expected.  However we have our own perceptions on what we want to wear.  Here’s a few tips which are important to think about

1, Be open minded about styles and colours

2, Try to co-ordinate and tone with the colour theme of the wedding

3, Make sure you choose a colour you like and that suits you

4, Remember comfort! You’re in the outfit for a longtime

Remember this is a joyous time. Don’t panic over how much time you have.  I read that it actually takes Mums longer to purchase their outfits than it does the Bride to choose her dress!