First thoughts!

So, how did you feel when your son or daughter told you they had became engaged to be married and set their wedding date!  Did you have a feeling of sheer dread at the thought of going shopping for a Mother of the Bride or Groom outfit or joy at the prospect of trying on lots of beautiful outfits.  Which ever way you felt here at Christine’s Occasion Wear we are sure to make your experience fabulous.  Mums have a very important role within the wedding and there is a certain look that is expected.  However we have our own perceptions on what we want to wear.  Here’s a few tips which are important to think about

1, Be open minded about styles and colours

2, Try to co-ordinate and tone with the colour theme of the wedding

3, Make sure you choose a colour you like and that suits you

4, Remember comfort! You’re in the outfit for a longtime

Remember this is a joyous time. Don’t panic over how much time you have.  I read that it actually takes Mums longer to purchase their outfits than it does the Bride to choose her dress!